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Epood > Vahuveinid

Römer HalbTrocken 11% 75cl

Hind: 4.87 EUR
+ - 

Römer HalbTrocken 20cl

Hind: 2.38 EUR
+ - 

Remy Pannier Veuve Chapelle Cuve Brut 11% 75cl

Grape: Airen 100% Food match: Chilled as an aperitif. Ideal with fish dishes, scallops fried with grapefruits,...
Hind: 8.52 EUR
+ - 

Ondarre Cava Brut Reserva 12% 75cl

Grape: Viura 100% Food match: Chilled as an aperitif or with fish dishes Country of origin Spain Alcohol by...
Hind: 8.76 EUR
+ - 

Römer Light Zero

Hind: 4.20 EUR
+ - 

Favola Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry DOC 11% 75cl

Grape: Glera 100% Food match: Ideal as an aperitif and the perfect drink for warm summer days...
Hind: 7.56 EUR
+ - 

Sachetto Prosecco Frizzante 11% 20cl

Grape: Glera 100% Food match: It is an excellent appetizer and the perfect drink for those who like...
Hind: 3.24 EUR
+ - 

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